Naming Requests and Standards

When naming new locations, our goal is to follow a consistent approach. We have standard naming conventions for guidance. If you are working on naming a new service or clinic location, please reference the below naming convention standards and fill out the request form. Marketing will review your naming request and respond with guidance within 5 business days.

Please keep in mind that additional areas may need to be engaged once naming has been approved by marketing. Epic requests should be directed to: Lucas Londuree-[email protected] Signage requests should be directed to facilities: please reach out to our facilities contacts: [email protected] and [email protected]


UVA Health Naming Convention (General)*

  1. Single Location - On Grounds/Medical Center Campus:
    [UVA Health] [ Service]

    e.g., UVA Health Nephrology, UVA Health Sleep,
  2. Multiple Locations - On Grounds/Medical Center Campus in multiple buildings and/or offsite locations:
    [UVA Health] [Service] [Location]

    e.g., UVA Health Surgical Care Riverside, UVA Health Therapy Services Fontaine, UVA Health Obstetrics and Gynecology Manassas, UVA Health Cancer Care Gainesville

*Additional standards may apply

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